Original - When Upside Down is Right Side Up – JenedyPaige

"When Upside Down is Right Side Up"

An Original Oil Painting by Jenedy Paige

About The Painting

The word “turn” connotes not only a change of position, but also an evolution into something else. When I paint, I often turn or rotate my paintings while I’m working on them. This means I often find myself painting portraits upside down. I do this because each rotation offers a different perspective, and I can see more clearly adjustments that need to be made. Therefore, as I turn my painting, I’m also turning it one layer at a time into the masterpiece I hope for. I believe God may do the same thing to us. Just when we feel like we have a handle on life, he’ll turn things upside down. This can be terrifying at first, but each change offers us new sight, and opportunities to learn and grow. Each change can bring refinement from the Master.


A Message From Jenedy About This Painting

Oil on Canvas

24 x 30 inches

Wooden framed ready to hang

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