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She Believed

She Believed

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As I look over the big picture of my life, I see a pattern that has led to every good thing in my life, and that is that I believed. When my mom told me I could have a personal relationship with God through daily prayer, journal writing, and scripture reading, I believed her and I did it. When God told me He could make me into an artist, I believed Him, and I went to work. When Jesus said He could heal a broken heart, I believed Him, even when it seemed impossible to me. When Heaven whispered I could be a ninja, I believed, and I went to work, even though it seemed like a long shot. I just believed Him and then I did whatever I needed to do. I hope you’ll listen to what He’s trying to tell you, and even if it seems crazy or impossible, do me a favor and just believe Him. 

  • 10" x 10" Premium Giclee print on watercolor paper 
    • 1" border - 12" x 12" packaging 
    • hand signed by the artist  
    • Shipped in sturdy envelope
    • Artist description included