Original - Unveiling – JenedyPaige


An Original Oil Painting by Jenedy Paige

About The Painting

When we’re right in the middle of it a struggle, a kind of veil is placed over our eyes. We can’t see or understand what God is doing with us, or why we would have to experience the deep trenches of a particular trial. All we can feel is pain and all we know is sorrow. Like the snow of winter, it’s uncomfortable and bleak. However, as we choose to trust, and continue to turn towards Christ, over time that veil of darkness is lifted. As we look back, we can begin to see wisdom and beauty. As we look back, we can see God’s hand moving in our lives. I believe as Paul instructed, that as we turn our hearts to Christ, the veil is taken off a piece at a time.


A Message From Jenedy About This Painting

Oil on Canvas

30 x 38 inches

Wooden framed ready to hang

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