Oil Painting Workshop Supply List – JenedyPaige
Oil Painting Workshop Supply List
Oil Painting Workshop Supply List

Oil Painting Workshop Supply List

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1 lead primed linen panels size 11"x 14", 12" x 16", 14" x 18", or 16" x 20" if you're feeling ambitious. 

I prefer Trekell New Traditions, or Raymar


Rosemary and Co brushes are my favorite, but you could also use Trekell, or your favorite brand. I recommend sable, but synthetic sable would work too. I use a variety of small round brushes in sizes 1 – 8. I recommend having 6-10 brushes. One or two flats or filberts could be helpful as well.

The Rosemary Series 99 401, 99, 301 



You can try a limited palette if you like, with cad red light, cad yellow, ultramine blue, white, and black, but if you want to know what's on my palette, I'll list all the colors below. It can be really helpful to have a couple earth tones burnt sienna and raw umber when creating skin tones. 

M.Graham oil, Michael Harding, or Richeson paints are all fine.

Titanium White

Ivory Black

Cadmium Red Light

Cadmium yellow

Ultramarine Blue

King's Blue (remembrandt) 

Raw Umber

Burnt Sienna

Leaf Green (Richeson)

Alizarin Crimson

viridian green


Oleogel by Natural Pigments

Cobalt Dryer


Coil Jar

Paper towels - I prefer Viva 

Palette knife

Mahl Stick - this is a fancy one, but a wooden dowel from any craft store would work too. 

Palette - wooden or plastic, whatever you prefer