"Unveiling" – JenedyPaige


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I honestly created this painting, hoping to express a desire I've had for a long time to push back against the veil, the separation between heaven and earth. Having a son on the other side will do that to you. But what I have loved about this painting is how expansive it has been for me. It seems to have layers and layers of meaning. It's also about being able to lift the veil of grief that seemed to cloud my vision for so long, and be able to clearly see God's wisdom and love for me. It's about the lifting of the veil that has been on women for centuries, and inviting all of God's daughters to step up and take their place in His kingdom. It's about hope for the future. It's about light. What does it say to you? 

Available sizes:

  • 5" x 7" Print
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  • 30" x 38" Full Size Canvas Reproduction
    • Giclee print on canvas
    • Shipped rolled in a tube
    • Canvas includes ~2" of white space around canvas for stretching

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